Distance Contract

(Updated version February 2021)

This agreement shall be concluded between SIA “Beauty Baltic” (hereinafter – the Company), registration number 40203077960, legal address Rīga, Rūpniecības iela 32B – 1H, LV-1045, Latvia and the Buyer who makes a purchase on the website https://beautybaltic.com (hereinafter – the Website).

1. Subject of the contract

Distance contract is an agreement between the Buyer and the Company, based on the Company’s offer on the Internet. The distance contract applies to all orders made on the Company’s website https://beautybaltic.com.

2. The entry into force of the distance contract

The distance contract enters into force as soon as the Buyer has made an order through the Internet and has received from the Company confirmation of the order made by telephone or by electronic mail. Order and order confirmation is considered received when it is accessible to the parties to whom they are addressed.

General rules for ordering goods

Buyer can order goods at the Website with or without registration.

In order to make  purchase at the Website the Buyer must:

  1. On the chosen product press “Add to Cart”,
  2. To order the selected product, the Buyer must press the Cart button on the main menu of the page where the information about the content of the Buyer’s Shopping Cart is displayed. The Buyer can return to the online store, choose additional products and then re-go back to the shopping cart by clicking on the relevant button,
  3. A minimum order amount is €10.00 is required in order to checkout.
  4. To complete the order, you need to press the “Proceed to checkout” button. Further information about the Buyer must be completed. Then click the “Continue” button and enter the Buyer’s address. Then, select the Delivery method and Payment type,
  5. To confirm the order, you must tick the checkbox “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” and also tick the checkbox “I have read and accept to the website Privacy Policy” and click on the button “Place Order”. Now the order has been made, as evidenced by the message on the screen.

 Orders can be made by:

  1. On the Website 24h/7d,
  2. By phone +371 25867806 on business days 9:00-18:00 (Latvian time),
  3. E-mail: siabeautybaltic@gmail.com.

The Buyer must provide following information ordering by phone or e-mail:

  1. The product name and amount,
  2. Name, last name or Company name,
  3. For Company only – Registration number, VAT number (if have) and Legal Address,
  4. Delivery address (if necessary),
  5. Phone number,
  6. E-mail.

Orders are processed on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00 (Latvian time). If the order is made at another time, it will be processed on the next business day.

Upon receipt of the order a confirmation email is sent to the Buyer. If the information received from the Buyer is not complete or there is any other reason, the Buyer is contacted by the Company’s representative to clarify the information and confirm the order.

3. Order payment terms

The Buyer can pay for the purchase at the Website in the following ways:

  1. Paying a prepayment proforma invoice in an Internet bank or a branch office,
  2. Online payment (bank link, E-money or credit/debit card).

When the Buyer’s order is received, an proforma invoice is sent to the Buyer’s e-mail address, if the Buyer has indicated that he will pay by bank transfer. The invoice contains all the data necessary for its payment. The purchase is considered as paid and the receipt of goods is secured after receipt of the money in the Company’s current account.

The Buyer must specify the invoice number or order number during payment process.

When paying by payment card, the purchase is certified by a cashier’s check.

4. Terms of delivery

The order is delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer. The cost of shipping goods depends on the delivery country and chosen delivery method of the item. Shipment of the order is made only after the payment has been received.

Delivery of goods is possible upon receipt of payment in the Company’s bank account, in accordance with the deadlines specified in the delivery description. If necessary, information can be obtained by telephone or by e-mail.

Delivery of goods is carried out in accordance with the offered deliveries indicated in the information section of the delivery. The delivery price is not included in the price of the specified item.

5. Warranty conditions and goods replacement

The goods offered in the webshop of the Company are provided in accordance with the warranty service conditions established by the manufacturers of the goods and in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

If during the warranty period resulting claims about the quality of goods The Buyer must inform Company. If the Company detects a defect in production, it may offer the free replacement of the product to a new or equivalent (or refund the purchase price). If during the inspection a defect is found during the use of the product by the Buyer himself, all costs shall be borne by the Buyer. Warranty repair or replacement of the product does not extend the warranty period.

In case of defected goods replacement or return – shipping costs in the amount of a comparable delivery from Latvia to the Buyer will be refunded or making them available for collection by Company, in accordance with Company’s instructions.

The warranty may be void if:

  1. The Buyer can not present a proof of purchase,
  2. Violated the provisions of the instructions for use of the product,
  3. The product has mechanical, chemical or other external damage.

 The warranty is canceled if damage is discovered by:

  1. Foreign matters, liquids or other substances damaging the product,
  2. Natural disasters, fires, as well as accidents,

The Buyer’s claims regarding the quality of the purchased item will be resolved in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 631. “Procedures for Claiming and Examining Consumer Claims for Non-conforming Goods or Services”.

6. Period of execution of the distance contract

The Company undertakes to comply with the terms of the distance contract no later than 30 days after receipt of the order from the Buyer, unless the parties have agreed on another term.

If the Company can not execute the contract due to the fact that the order ordered by the Buyer is not available, then the Company is obligated to inform the Buyer about it. In this case, the Company may offer the Buyer an equivalent product at a similar price.

7. Rights of withdrawal

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia, the Buyer may use the right of withdrawal and unilaterally withdraw from the distance contract within 14 calendar days by returning to the Company the product purchased via the Internet.

The term for use of the right of withdrawal shall run from the day the consumer receives the goods or part of the goods.

The buyer can not use the right of withdrawal if the buyer has used the product and makes it difficult or impossible to re-sell the product.

Section 12, Paragraph 6 of the Law on Consumer Protection of the Republic of Latvia states that “the consumer is responsible for preserving the quality and safety of the product during the term of use of the right of withdrawal”. The Company reserves the right to refuse to use the right of withdrawal or to withhold a refund from the Buyer in the event of damage to the product during the use of the product without due consideration or in violation of the instructions, if the original packaging of the product is lost or if its packaging is seriously damaged.

8. Goods return order

The Buyer must inspect the products as soon as is reasonably possible after delivery or collection.  Buyer must return proof of purchase when returning the purchased item. The buyer can return the item that corresponds to the distance contract within 14 calendar days. In the event of any defected goods return or exchange, Company, after getting goods back, will (at its option) replace the product or refund the purchase price. The Buyer will be refunded the amount or sent new goods as quickly as possible and practicable, usually within 10 business days. 

9. Confidentiality

The Company undertakes not to disclose or transfer information about third parties of Buyers without the written consent of the Buyer, except in cases where the laws of the Republic of Latvia or this agreement are violated.

10. Intellectual Property Right

The Buyer acknowledges that Company own the intellectual property rights on the Website and that its whole or partial reproduction without Company’s prior written consent is prohibited.

11. Other Terms

By entering the necessary information upon making an order, the Buyer confirms that he has read the terms of this agreement and agrees that the data provided by him is used to enable the Company to accept the Buyer’s order and deliver the goods. By entering information, the Buyer agrees that he will receive notices related to the Customer’s order processing on the indicated e-mail.

Prices of goods are indicated including value added tax 21%. Prices of goods can be changed without prior notice. Discounts on sales and promotions are not deductible.

The Buyer can not later view the electronic agreement on the website and the Company does not keep a copy of the contract.

Product descriptions are based on the information provided by their manufacturers and suppliers; descriptions and images are informative, and there may be changes in them. According to manufacturer and supplier certain changes, the assortment of goods and parameters can be changed.

The exact information on whether the item of interest is in the Company’s warehouse can be found on working days from 9:00 to 18:00, by calling the indicated phone or by writing an e-mail. If the goods selected by the Buyer are not available, the Company may offer to replace it with an equivalent product or receive after the next delivery of goods.

12. Company Properties

Company Name: SIA “Beauty Baltic”

Legal Address: Rīga, Rūpniecības iela 32B – 1H, LV-1045

Registration Number: 40203077960

VAT registration number: LV40203077960

Bank: АО Rietumu Banka


Account: LV27RTMB0000700801511